Como dotar a nuestros vídeos de viralidad

How to make our videos viral .

On the Internet, and for quite some time, there has been talk of the need to have a YouTube channel to promote our products and our company. There has also been talk about the importance of video marketing, which is so linked to YouTube as it is the most visited audiovisual platform in the world.

Today we wanted to make available to all those who have already decided to start their audiovisual campaigns, a series of simple tips that will allow us to make our videos viral and that will help us not only to position ourselves but to reach a greater number of Potential clients who will not only see us from the same YouTube platform but also, thanks to the advancement of the World Wide Web, can be shared on any social network.

viralityThe first of all the rules focuses on the story we are going to tell. It is always advisable to keep in mind the emotions that we want to transmit and evoke since a merely informative message has much less chance of being viral than an emotional and transcendental message. For these purposes, our message must be conveyed through a story.

The videos have their critical point in the first five seconds, that is, if a viewer does not see anything that motivates him to continue watching the video in this short period of time, he will almost in all probability close the video and go in search of other content. This makes it necessary to create a shocking emotional beginning in our video that is capable of holding the viewer’s attention and allowing the viewer to follow it to the end.

Like a novel, the video should create a mountain of emotions that generate intrigue, anticipation and curiosity. We seek to create an image in the viewer that pleasantly surprises them and keeps them waiting for the content we offer until the end.

Knowing the most valued trends is another of the keys that can make a video viral . We must first know the trends that move on the network to be able to create a video capable of generating the impact we want and that viewers enjoy and want to share.

Another of the rules, and especially it is essential for companies, is to surprise without the need to scandalize or generate controversy. The controversy endows a news story with presence and notoriety but not always with a positive connotation, so we must try by all means that our message does not generate such an impact, on the contrary, it should pleasantly surprise and awaken the desire to share in users but of a positive way to really be endowed with virality .

According to experts, the 72 hours following the publication of a video are vital to know if it will be successful or not, and of course, one of the essential questions that we must take into account and that we should not expect to be the users who view the video who does it, is the task of sharing. The more we share the video, the more chances we have that it will be seen by a greater number of people.

By following these tips and carefully planning the strategy for creating our video, we will be able to create viral audiovisual content that is spread at breakneck speed and whose results will not be expected or will go unnoticed.

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