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We are your allies and we want to transmit our knowledge to you so that the management of your projects is closer and we can work in a more collaborative and more complete way.

Training Digital Tools and Content Managers

We work to train you in the new digital field so that you can be able to understand the digital tools that we implement in the strategy of your project, as well as know the basic elements that will fill your entire communication network with content.

Training in Social Media Management

New trends bring new responsibilities and it is precisely at this point where we will help you to learn about the different channels and all the possibilities for communication and dialogue. 

Training in SEM and Online Advertising

We are aware of the capabilities of new digital media and how useful online advertising can be. For this, we will accompany you in acquiring knowledge to be able to develop specific campaigns in online advertising and SEM and thus optimize your resources. 

Training in Measurements and Metrics

It is necessary to know all the data and measuring will be part of the daily work of your project. We will teach you to have measurable references in all the digital fields where we work in order to know your strengths and weaknesses and to be able to rectify, always for the better, in the shortest possible time.

Coaching and Project Monitoring

We want to be your work partners and advise you to achieve your goals optimally. We will offer you resources for your day to day life and you will know all the necessary elements for internal implementation. Despite this, you will always be supervised to verify correct execution.

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